Around Montana: a 7-year-old’s perspective

eve photographe

Photographing Lulu the Build-a-bear bunny on the pedestrian bridge in Missoula while the coal-filled carriages rumble below.

Things have settled somewhat here in Missoula. I have a lot I would like to write about but it is mostly interior stuff which isn’t the best material for blogs. So until I can formulate my obsession with wolves, my writing workshop, my job-hunting and my ridiculous penchant for coincidences into a coherent piece of writing, I will hand this blog over to E. She is still enjoying taking photos of her new environment and as ever goes for the more abstract stuff…


Garden of 1,000 Buddhas, Arlee, MT.

b+w church

Roadside church outside Missoula towards Turah.


A triptych of the sky.


A flag at a roadside gas station.


A fish tank at Walmart.


A gummy bear soaking in milk.


Inside the car.

manhole cover

Manhole cover.


Jason’s shadow talking.


Our hotel in Butte. Wim Wenders shot much of ‘Don’t Come Knocking’ here. We didn’t know that when we checked in. The whole town is like one giant film set.


Window display in Butte.


A grizzly curtain in Butte.


Our walk to school.


8 thoughts on “Around Montana: a 7-year-old’s perspective

  1. Penelope Massot

    Eve – I just think you’re the most amazing photographer!! Of course, I am biased but I do think you’ve got a very good eye and an interesting take on what’s around you. Keep it going! love Grandma

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I agree with Grandma Penny. Great photos Eve and it’s so interesting to see Missoula and other places through your photography. I especially like the gummy bear soaking in milk. Was he having a milk bath?
    Auntie Kate

  3. tessa pocock

    Really nice to see your photos Eve. Keep them coming 🙂
    Your walk to school looks very different to the one in London!
    all love, tessa

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