The Helmville Rodeo


Helmville, Montana lies 69 miles east of Missoula. Every Labor Day weekend, this town of 500 people holds a rodeo, which has come to be called “the biggest little rodeo in Montana”. It is an old-school rodeo: no hard hats, no staged shoot-outs for the tourists, no billboards advertising Diet Coke. We headed there this weekend and sat on the edge of our cold metal bleecher seats while watching the Bareback Riding, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc Riding, and Team Roping. The bareback riding is one of the most anxiety-inducing sports to witness. Men ride bareback on bucking horses, holding on for dear life before being thrown to the ground. The lucky ones avoid being trampled under the hooves of their horses. This past weekend, rain had turned the ground muddy and a horse fell and landed on his rider, who miraculously got up and walked away.

The names of the riders conjure up Westerns on the big screen and symbolise those who live the myth of the American West: Kit, Wyatt, Jackson, Cody, Sterling, Tanner, Hayden, Butch, Calvin, and Kyle.

cowboy kid.b+w

A young boy talks gently to his toddler brother at the Helmville Rodeo


A woman at the Helmville Rodeo


Riders get ready to go into the ring at the Helmville Rodeo

montana sweatshirt.b+w

The Helmville Rodeo


Steers rest after being roped at the Helmville Rodeo


The Helmville Rodeo


The Helmville Rodeo


The old women’s bathroom at the Helmville Rodeo


One of the riders enjoys a beer after riding


The queue for candy at the Helmville Rodeo


Just outside the rodeo grounds is the Copper Queen Saloon


Helmville, Montana


Across the road from the Copper Queen Saloon, Helmville, Montana


Helmville, Montana


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